16 October 2011

A week in New York

West 27th Street, Sunday 16th October, 1.30pm

34 St Penn Station subway, Thursday October 13th, 11.35pm

Espace, Hell's Kitchen, Thursday October 13th, 11.10pm
Angela Bassett at the party for the opening of The Mountaintop on Broadway. Spike Lee wore a ridiculous velour hat.

Occupy Wall Street, 18.00pm
CHANGE is in the air

Occupy Wall Street, Sunday October 9th, 5.15pm
The first Spanish language General Assembly had been going on for about an hour, and these women gathered next to it and laid out these two flags, then a series of pink crucifixes and long powder blue evening gloves with slogans and ideals written in black pen.

Occupy Wall Street, Sunday 9th October, 4.55pm

Looking up in Bryant Park, Saturday 8th October, 18.30pm

*Not pictured: Spiderman the Musical (urgh); The Creators Project in DUMBO with FourTet; tacos at Paquitos; 5.40am at the Brickyard, Hell's Kitchen on Saturday morning watching Wales lose to France in the Rugby World Cup.

11 October 2011

A week in London

Liverpool Street Station, Thursday October 6th, 14.22pm
This child has amazingly lizardlike hands.

Liverpool Street Station, Thursday 6th October, 14.15pm
This man was standing underneath the departures board. I asked him "Is it ok if I take your photo?" He calmly looked at me and said "Everything is".

Soho, Wednesday 5th October, 3.15pm

Broadway Market, London Fields, Saturday 1st October 1.50am
A woman aged 30 was shot at the bus stop just before 2am. I was cycling home and approached the bus stop about 10 minutes after the police arrived. They were putting up cordons. The shirtless man was extremely drunk and harassing a policewoman to find his shirt for him. The policewoman was trying to take a witness statement from the young man in red, who gave the drunk man his jacket.

Friday 30th September, 1.55pm